Belford is an accomplished director, arranger, and composer with a diverse background in working with vocalists, choral groups, and instrumentalists. He has showcased his talent as a featured artist in numerous piano recitals across several countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Canada, and the United States.

In addition to his solo performances, Belford has served as a piano collaborator for professional choirs and instrumental ensembles. His expertise in accompanying and supporting these groups demonstrates his versatility and understanding of different musical contexts.

Belford’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the Adventist University of Colombia. He furthered his studies by pursuing a Master’s degree in Choral Music Education from the VanderCook School of Music in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, he is a Doctoral Candidate at Concordia University in Chicago.

At present, Belford holds several positions within the music community. He serves as a Music Faculty/Choir Director at Joliet Central High School and fulfilled the role of Choir Director at Benedictine University in Illinois. Additionally, he is the Music Director at Cantores Community Choir, an ensemble focused on community engagement and musical excellence. Belford also serves as the Music Director at Hinsdale United Methodist Church in Illinois, overseeing the church’s musical activities and directing their musical ensembles.

With his experience and educational background, Belford has made significant contributions to the musical community and continues to inspire and nurture musicians and performers under his guidance.

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